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Could your music become a hit with shoppers?

We’ve all heard the cheery sounds of in-store radio playing our favourite tunes when we are out shopping, but how do you go about getting your music on a stores’ playlist?

Who are the companies that can help you promote your music?

We’re going to focus on two companies that license music from unsigned artists with the aim of programming that music across retail and commercial environments.

Emerge Media

Emerge Media help independent artists promote their music by licensing it for use by brands and businesses around the world. They supply music to over 7500 retailers, hotels, gyms reaching an audience of around 28 million people each week.

To start with Emerge you’ll send them three tracks that their music editors will ‘audition.’ Once approved you’re on your way to hearing your music played by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Amazing Instore

Amazing Instore is part of the group that owns Amazing Radio. If you’re an unsigned artist and you don’t know about Amazing Radio then get your act together! Amazing Radio has a great reputation for supporting unsigned artists.

To get going with Amazing Instore, upload your music to Amazing This is the central hub where you license your music to Amazing. You can also make your music available for sale via this service.

One key benefit that Amazing Tunes offer is that your will also come to the attention of the producers from Amazing Radio and this increases promotional opportunities and ways to grow your audience.

What if you are a member of a performing rights organisation like the PRS?

Generally with companies such as the ones mentioned in this article you are paid directly for the use of you music rather than via a performing rights organisation. (PRO)

Depending on your perspective this could be a good or a bad thing.

A direct payment for the use of your music might be an advantage for you because the PRO is not taking a cut of the royalty for the service they supply; that being, negotiating an agreement and collecting your fees on your behalf.

Alternatively without the collective bargaining power of a PRO, you might not get as high a royalty payment.

It’s important that you understand these issues and that you read, in full, the licensing agreements that you are going to enter into with this kind of arrangement, or any music business deal of course.

Music Business School offers lecture units that focus on licensing and the role of PRO’s as part of our MMBE qualification. One some courses these units can be attended as stand-alone lectures.

If you think you would benefit from leaning more about the rights associated with your music, enquire now about our next course.

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