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Your New Single Is Too Long For Radio

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You’ve spent months working on your new single. It’s finally mixed, mastered and ready to go. But even before it’s left the studio, could there be a problem that will stop this single from being a hit? Could your new single be too long for radio to play?

A new radio format called Quickhitz has been making waves online in the last few months. The format has been created for stations that specialise in Chart Hit Radio (CHR). Developed by Sparknet Communications, the company behind JACK fm Quickhitz promises ‘Twice the Music’ by editing popular songs so that radio can play twenty-four tracks per hour.

A radio station in Calgary, Canada has adopted the format and they say they are getting a mixed reaction from their audience. Some listeners say that they love listening to a station where they can hear six or seven hit songs in just 15 minutes, whilst others say that they don’t need their music edited down to satisfy short attention spans.

Hillary Hommy, Vice President of the company that developed the format said in an interview “A lot of people can’t detect the music has been edited,” and that stations in the UK are set to introduce the format later this year.

Here at Music Business School we would be surprised if stations like BBC Radio1 or Radio2 adopted the format. However it might come to stations like JackFM that appeal to fans of the CHR Format.

Music Business School offers lecture units that focus on getting your music to radio as well as press and online.

If you think you would benefit from learning about how music gets programmed at radio and how to promote your music to the media enquire now about our next course.

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