Breaking New Music On Spotify

Did you read our recent article on The Unsigned Guide about Breaking New Music On Spotify?

Here is a complete list of the links and resources you need to put the ideas suggested in that article into action.

Getting Playlisted On Spotify

If you’ve taken action on the points we raised in our article and want to take things further, there are a couple of companies who will promote your music for a fee. They are <a href=””>Ditto Music </a> and <a href=””>InGrooves</a>.

Get Verified

Got the 250 followers you need to get a Verified Artist Profile on Spotify? Then your next stop is <a href=””>Spotify Artists</a>. This website will give you all the info you need to take things to the next level and it will give you the contact forms and addresses you need to get that shiny blue tick on your artist profile.

Get the Spotify Follow Button On Your Website.

The Spotify Follow Button is a must have for your website. You get the button code from the <a href=””>Spotify Developers Website</a>. It’s designed to be easy to use, but you might need the assistance of a techie friend to help you place it on your website.

Get Your Live Shows onto Spotify

Want to follow this tip? Then your next stop is <a href=””>Songkick’s Tourbox.</a> Once you are registered and ‘managing’ your artist profile, reach out to Songkick’s support team to ensure that your Songkick and Spotify Artist profiles are linked.